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General Policies

Food and Drink Policy

Students are asked to bring a labeled water bottle to class. Due to Covid, JETS has had to closd off their drinking fountains. No liquids other than water will be allowed in the studios. If you must bring food, please choose a snack that will make the least mess. Students are asked to clean up after themselves.

Snow Day Policy

If Rochester Public Schools closes school or releases early for weather, Bliss will cancel classes. If two or more classes are cancelled due to weather, then we will arrange for make-up classes. The make-up dates will be determined as needed.


Sick Day/Injury Policy

If your child is feeling unwell, please keep them home. If your child gets injured outside of class, please let the teacher know before their class begins. If an injury occurs during class time, dancers should inform the teacher immediately so appropriate actions can be taken. If it is determined that it is not safe for the dancer to move in class, we will encourage but not require them to observe class and take notes in their dance journal. Observation is time well spent; attentive dancers can increase their knowledge and understanding of technique through focused observation.

Make-Up Policy

September through January dancers may make up classes within two weeks of the missed class. Make-up classes will be at their level or lower. Please contact the teacher in advance. We want our dancers to look great on stage. To this end, there will be no make-up classes during recital season beginning in February. Depending on our recital date (TBD), we will try to schedule a make-up week for classes missed February through May. 


Hiatus Policy

We understand that dancers have other meaningful activities and priorities and we want to support them. If your dancer will have to miss part or all of a month's classes, it is our policy to still charge tuition to keep that student's place in the class during their hiatus. 


Dropout Notification Policy

We try to keep tuition and fees reasonable at Bliss. Since our budget is based on a 9-month season, we ask that you please give us 30 days notice if you intend to drop out of a class.

COVID-19 Policy

Bliss Dance Space will follow RPS and/or J.E.T.S.* guidelines for COVID-19. If necessary, we will move our lessons to all on-line, live instruction on the Zoom platform. Each 1.25 or 1.5 hour class that goes online will be divided into 1-hour of traditional movement and 15-30 minutes theory/anatomy or some other non-traditional study. This will ensure a good experience for students without risking burnout; it will also give dancers the opportunity to explore a deeper understanding of the art of dance. We will keep this plan flexible and may return to the original class structure to accommodate student interests. The format of classes that are 45 minutes long or shorter will remain the same.


*Since the hallway outside of our studios is also the building exit,  J.E.T.S. is asking that dancers and family members NOT congregate in the hallway unless they are between classes or waiting for classes to begin. Parents are being asked to please wait outside of the building to avoid congestion. An observation week will be scheduled in the fall and spring (dates TBD), COVID permitting. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Even though Bliss Dance Space is currently renting our space from JETS, I will still see to it that the floors and barres are wiped clean and disinfected between classes and at the end of the evening. I purchased metal barres to ease this process.


Zero-Tolerance Policy

Bliss Dance Space is a safe place for everyone. All dancers will be treated with kindness and respect. Bliss has a zero-tolerance policy for gossiping and bullying. If a dancer is believed to have broken this rule, their teacher will speak with the parties involved and try to resolve the issue. If need be, we will set up a meeting with the students and their parents. If inappropriate behavior continues, the offending dancer will be asked to leave.

Respect Our Space

To keep our dance space clean and tidy and give us more room to move, please store all belongings (except your water bottle) in the hallway cubbies. If your outside shoes are wet from rain or snow, please line them up neatly in front of the cubbies leaving a clear path into the studio. Please keep noise to a minimum in the hallway as it is disrespectful to your fellow students who are in class.

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