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Etiquette is the foundation of ballet; the first ballet instructors were originally etiquette teachers to the nobility, after all. Dancers should obey the following etiquette standards:

  • Come to class dressed appropriately as this will optimize your movement and learning.

  • Be on time. Tardiness disrupts the flow of class and distracts your teacher and fellow dancers. Never enter a studio until the teacher invites you.

  • Review corrections and combinations learned in your last class so that you can work on these.

  • Use the bathroom prior to class. Unless an emergency arises, please do not leave in the middle of class.

  • Come to class with a non-judgmental attitude toward your teacher, your peers, and yourself. This will make class more enjoyable and you’ll be better able to learn.

  • Enter the studio focused and ready to work. If you’ve had a bad day, leave it at the door and use class to dance it out of your system.

  • Raise your hand when you have a question. Refrain from asking questions or explaining movements to classmates during class as this is distracting to other dancers and disrespectful to your teacher. Your question is probably one that others have as well.

  • Maintain respectful and correct posture. Dancers never lean on the barre, slouch, or sit.

  • Have fun but refrain from talking in class. It robs your instructor and classmates of focus and flow.

  • Remember that corrections in dance class are a gift from the teacher; they are NOT a criticism of you as dancer or a person. Corrections show that your teacher sees potential in you and wants you to improve. 

  • Celebrate your classmates’ improvements as well as your own.

  • Thank yourself, your classmates, and your teacher at the end of class by clapping. Curtsey or bow and personally thank your teacher as you exit the classroom.

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