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Friendship Is Bliss!

September 20th-25th is Share Your Bliss Week at BDS. Bring your friends out to show them what it is like to dance with Bliss! There is no fee to attend but please ask your friends' parent/guardian to complete this short form prior to dancing with us.

Welcome to Bliss!

I hereby consent to my/my child's participation in live studio and online classes offered by Bliss Dance Space (BDS).  I understand the lessons may include pre-recorded and live sessions. In consideration of my or my child's participation in these classes at BDS I, on behalf of myself, my child, my heirs, executors, agents, assigns, and representatives, hereby indemnify, release and forever hold harmless BDS, as well as its directors, employees and instructors, from any and all claims of liability arising from any accident, personal injury, death, or property loss or damage sustained by my child/myself/, arising from participation in classes, rehearsals, performances, etc., at BDS. I understand that BDS classes have inherent risks of injury. Being fully aware of all risks, I consent to have my child/myself participate in the programs and activities offered by BDS. By signing this statement, I declare that the aforesaid participant is in good health, with no physical conditions that might prevent his/her/their/my participation in strenuous and rigorous activities and other training and performance connected with dance.  Further, I understand and acknowledge that because of online nature of the classes, risks of injury may increase as I/my child participates at home without an instructor physically present. Dance may be physically demanding. I understand that at times for proper instruction and safety, physical contact is required and necessary. Finally, I understand that some performances by my child may take place off-site, meaning off the premises of BDS. I acknowledge that transportation to such performances will be done either by parents of students or by BDS staff.  I, on behalf of my child and myself, accept the risks associated with such transportation and with such off-site performances.

Thank you for dancing with Bliss!

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