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To build a supportive, nurturing dance community that encourages passion, self-esteem, and belonging through creative expression.



The opening of Bliss came at such an important time in our daughter’s life. Her senior year was upside down from the pandemic. She had danced since age 3 with dreams and ideas of what those final years would look like and now it seemed that was not to be. Bliss became a beautiful place where the owner and teachers care as much about their dancers’ emotional well being as their physical well being. She has grown so much this year in her talent and personally. I highly recommend Bliss studio for superb dance training. Along with that training your child will receive a dance family and a warm, accepting atmosphere where they will flourish in dance and creativity.

- J. Berg

Bliss Dance Space opened in 2020 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. By opening Bliss, Jen was able to fulfill the needs of a group of diverse dancers that just wanted to dance and be with their friends. Bliss was able to provide an open caring environment where the dancers could be themselves. It has been an amazing year with a holiday show and recital that was planned and choreographed by students and staff. Jen has added an additional 2 staff members to allow the dancers to experience a variety of styles. My daughter has come out of her shell and loves dance again; it is so nice to see her excited to go to dance class. I cannot wait to see what Bliss has in store next.

- ​A. Willkomm

Bliss is a place where everyone is welcome. It’s about dancing for the love of it while learning great technique for ballet lyrical and jazz. Bliss has amazing dedicated teachers who provide a place for kids to be kids. We love Bliss!

- ​C. Khanna

I chose Bliss Dance Space because it is a positive and welcoming environment. I always look forward to dance class, and always feel like I am growing; both as a person and a dancer. Everyone at BDS feels like a family to me. I wouldn’t want to dance anywhere else! 

- Kate B.

Bliss created a wonderful environment first virtual and then in person to bring together the hearts minds and bodies of those that appreciate the core principles of dance - 1) the beauty of the human body and the amazing things that bodies of all kinds can do - starting with where they are and then stretching, practicing and growing into a new growth that is ‘just right’ for each while able to be part of the whole group, 2) the wonder and joy of doing challenging things with friends with the discipline of deliberate practice and the openness to also be silly and have fun 3) the care and attention to what the mind brings to the art and science of dance. We love it for our daughter and highly recommend for anyone open to the sport and art of dance!  Thank you Jen and those that support this growth!!

- J. Lovely

Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful recital. We are so impressed with how you are running and managing your studio, and we are thrilled to have Maya there. I don't know if you intended to do this, but Bliss is such a blast of fresh air. We were super on the fence about having her participate in dance at all because our other preliminary experiences elsewhere were so poor... Super grateful for the freedom Bliss allows for the kids getting to just be little, and dance for the sake of dancing. You're awesome and we appreciate you!

- Amanda and Jake, parents

I love Bliss!! I came to bliss about a year ago and I have loved every second of it. All of the teachers are so encouraging and understanding and they make sure that you feel included. My fellow dancers uplift me and I try to do the same for them. Overall, Bliss Dance Space offers excellent training in a variety of genres as well as a supportive environment for dancers.

- Mary, student

I can not say enough great things about Bliss and the owners. They have been really great to work with and even helped out when both my parents died within the same year. They treat you like family.

- Tim, parent

Our family has been at Bliss Dance Space for a year and have loved the experience! Our daughter has taken all of the genres offered for her and has found excellent teaching and supportive faculty in all of them. The owner prioritizes the dancers’ well-being in a proactive way while also encouraging growth in dance.

- Jill, parent



Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. At Bliss we respect your privacy and will never sell your information.

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